The Best San Diego Sober Living Homes

If you are on the courageous path of recovery, then you deserve the best that San Diego has to offer when it comes to sober living homes. Our listings are carefully selected and vetted to ensure that each house is providing excellent structure, nice amenities, and caring support.  We represent the best of what San Diego has to offer when it comes to sober living houses.

There are many options available to you to choose from, but all sober living environments on this site are owned and operated by those whose top priority is to provide a safe & comfortable setting for you to continue your recovery and pursue your professional or educational goals. 

S.O.A.R.R. – Society of Addiction Recovery Residences

 It probably doesn’t surprise you that our organization and most of our members are made up of those who are in recovery themselves. It is a point of pride for our organization to help to help others who are in early sobriety find the best possible living situation so that they can resume their career (or education) while still getting the structure and accountability they need.

No doubt you’ve heard the sayings in 12-Step meetings: “it just keeps getting better and better,” well, it really does and we want to help you find out how uplifting and incredible a life of recovery can be. Contact one of our houses today.

SOARR was incorporated as 501(c)(3) Not for Profit Public Benefit Corporation.

For additional information, help with finding a sober living residence, or joining our organization please contact us at 619-828-2001.

  • Find the Right Place for YOU

    Find the Right Place for YOU

    Nothing is more important in early recovery than keeping your sobriety as the top priority. Finding an abstinence-based sober residence that will provide an uplifting setting for your recovery is so important. That is why we have created our website which will allow you to peruse the best of what San Diego has to offer.

  • We Want You to See How Good it Can Get

    We Want You to See How Good it Can Get

    There's something amazing that happens when someone is committed to changing their life for the better and remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Many people in the 12-step programs refer to the happiness and joy that comes as the "pink cloud." We're here to show you that the "pink cloud" never has to end.



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Comfortable Accommodations, Supportive House Managers

Our organization has partnered with the top governing bodies, CCAPP and NARR, to make sure that our members are using best practices with regard to operating their sober living home.  We require that our members are up to date with the latest clinical information about treating addiction (read more here).  

We also require that clean, comfortable, and modern amenities are provided in the sober living homes of our members. If you are willing to pursue the path of recovery, we know that you deserve the best setting possible to thrive and continue your sobriety.  

Since a recovery residence is meant to be a controlled, safe and substance-free living environment, if you’re using drugs or alcohol, you can’t remain there. Leaving the sober living home is not meant as a form of punishment, but rather to keep other residents supported and safe from triggers and temptations. Grounds for immediate termination from a SOARR sober living home include, but are not limited to, using alcohol or drugs, taking a fellow resident out to use substances, violence, and/or sexual misconduct.