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Recovery, Sober Living and COVID-19

People in recovery (as well as the rest of society) face unique struggles during the coronavirus era. It’s hard to isolate. Some people are suffering from anxiety and depression in addition to recovering from addiction. COVID-19 has made a lot of people feel uncertain about the future. Luckily, people who have chosen sober living homes […]

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Surrender Sober Living (888-276-4650)

Fee per Bed:  $2,400 Surrender Sober Living Home for Women is located in Sunny Carlsbad, California.  We create a comfortable space that offers residents guidance, support, and structure, but still feels like home.  Our home is a place for women to “Surrender” and recover from drug and alcohol addiction on their path to long term […]

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Diving Deeper Into Your Recovery Program

Everyone in recovery has a routine, but like many people around the world, you may feel like it’s being interrupted. While life as we know it has changed indefinitely, the foundation of your recovery program remains the same. People in recovery need support meetings, the 12 steps, and each other to stay sober in the […]

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Having Anxiety? Five Ways to Manage It

Pretty much everyone has experienced anxiety from time-to-time. It’s one of those emotions that can creep up on you before you realize it. While there is no way to 100% curb your anxiety in life, there are some powerful strategies available. As you stay sober, you’ll start understanding that coping with it is half the […]

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Harmony Grove Ranch Sober Living (760-215-1095)

Fee per Bed:  $900 – $1,400 LIVE in Harmony … Harmony Grove Ranch is a new take on a traditional sober living/recovery home. We focus on a healthy mind and body in addition to reinforcing skills to facilitate constructive lifestyle changes.  There is more to a sober life than simply avoiding destructive addictive behaviors.  Healthy eating is highly […]

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Coping in Difficult Times

Everyone has felt anxious recently with the spread of COVID-19. Fear of the unknown is a normal reaction, as is anxiety about the disease itself. While these feelings are natural, you need to be able to cope with them so you can make rational and safe decisions. Whether you work in a recovery home or […]

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