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What Is An Addiction Medicine Physician?

What Is An Addiction Medicine Physician?

Addiction medicine is a relatively new term that has been used widely during the opioid epidemic to describe doctors who help patients with substance use disorders. For many people with substance addiction, their first step to getting help is through the medical establishment. Overdoses, infections, and other health problems caused by addiction are uniquely managed by medical professionals. For overdose victims, there is an opportunity for treatment when they speak to a nurse or doctor in an ER setting. Addiction medicine physicians are available at hospitals and private practices across the US.

Why Addiction Medicine?

Addiction medicine describes treating the addiction and physical issues arising from long-term or heavy drug or alcohol use. A doctor in addiction medicine may prescribe Medication-Assisted Treatment to help a person with substance use disorder stay sober. After an overdose, some people withdraw after being revived from Narcan. Having addiction medicine available in ERs has been a game changer for people needing MAT and other clinician assistance.

Addiction medicine has changed how the world understands and responds to substance use disorder. The FDA recognizes opioid use disorder as a disease of the brain and recommends Medication-Assisted Treatment like methadone, Suboxone, and other drugs as treatment.

Addiction medicine includes clinicians familiar with addiction, withdrawal, and recovery programs. While the doctor can assess an addicted person for medical issues and substance use disorder, other staff are also helpful and provide compassion and direction, especially in a detox setting.

Addiction Medicine, Recovery, and MAT

Medication-Assisted Treatment is becoming less stigmatized and more available for people in recovery. In most states, it must be monitored and prescribed by a doctor. Doctors get certified to distribute MAT via the government.

In 2o21, the Biden administration changed the rules on how a Doctor becomes eligible to prescribe addiction medication. In hospital settings, this can be a godsend for people ready to take the first step toward staying sober long-term. While they begin to plan for treatment, MAT can help them reduce cravings and lower the chances that they will relapse if they’re waiting for a bed in treatment.

Sober Living and Recovery

Many people find that life in recovery is easier when they’re in a supportive, friendly environment. Sober living allows people to “spread their wings” and begin living life on its own terms. A structured environment helps addicted persons continue to focus on recovery as they live their life. Call us at 619-828-2001 to learn more about our residence and how they can help you stay the course!