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Coping in Difficult Times

Coping in Difficult Times

Everyone has felt anxious recently with the spread of COVID-19. Fear of the unknown is a normal reaction, as is anxiety about the disease itself. While these feelings are natural, you need to be able to cope with them so you can make rational and safe decisions.

Whether you work in a recovery home or treatment center, or simply worry about your 12-step community, you’re allowed to take a breather.

Learning to cope effectively with stress can help you and your recovery community even stronger.

Use Your Recovery Resources

Many 12-step meetings may be canceled if they have a large attendance. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a meeting, but be creative. Don’t put yourself at risk even if others are breaking public health rules. Look for alternatives such as 12-step video chats, chat rooms, and other meetings online.

Keep in touch with your support network and check in on people you care about. It is a difficult time for people all over the world. You’re not alone in this.

Be Responsible

Learn what you can about the COVID-19 virus and how others in your community are keeping themselves safe. Think of pooling resources if you don’t have enough supplies.

Basic hygiene procedures need to be followed wherever you go. Keeping the spaces you live and work in clean and safe are more important than ever. Make sure everyone has access to soap, hand sanitizers, and household cleaners that can also disinfect.

Things You Can Do to Cope Better With Stress

Everyone needs a break when life seems stressful. Don’t watch the news for hours on end or spend too much time reading news stories. Your local television news or newspaper will have information that is most relevant to you.

  • Soothe your body and spirit. If you’re feeling stressed, try some yoga or relaxation exercises.
  • Try to only eat fresh, whole foods, if they are available to you. Learn to cook new recipes.
  • Take a long walk with a friend or family member.
  • Spend time watching a fun sitcom with your family or housemates.
  • Spend time petting your cat or playing with the family dog.
  • Try to get eight hours of sleep at night, if possible. Consider a short nap in the day if you’re having trouble sleeping.
  • Connect with friends or loved ones and talk about life in general.
  • Take some time to learn something fun and new. There are plenty of self-directed classes online that are free.

Life is always a roller coaster, but as a person in recovery, you actually have more tools at your disposal than others. Use the phone numbers you have. Network with others in recovery online. Spend time on the phone with newcomers who need your help.

While no one knows what tomorrow brings, you can handle it as long as you use the tools you have been given. Take every day a day at a time when you’re feeling stressed, and you’ll find yourself stronger on the other side of it.

Network in Recovery

Network with others in the recovery world and learn about new resources and opportunities. The Society of Addiction Recovery Residences is an alliance of sober homes and addiction professionals who work together to set the highest standards in the industry. To learn more about our organization or find a sober home, please browse our website or call us at 619-828-2001.

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