Alcohol Use Disorder Among Veterans

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common disorders in the world. Veterans are no exception, mainly when drinking acts as a rite of passage in military life.  Military life often involves extended periods of drama, danger and grueling work hours, and long periods of boredom and solitude. Military during their off-hours than any other […]

The Importance of Involving Family In Recovery

Many people who arrive newly sober to housing and other programs have many issues that they are ready to address. For many, family is a challenge they would like to work on. Meaningful relationships often get damaged during addiction. Many people have had close loved ones who tried everything to help them get sober. When […]

Intergenerational Trauma And Recovery

Everyone in recovery has to learn to cope with parts of their life and lifestyle that they may have never spoken about before. A history of trauma is common among people in recovery. However, many people who have grown up in dysfunctional families also cope with the trauma of prior generations. Your mother and father, […]

Relapse and Relapse Mode: What to Watch For

Many people in recovery have a relapse as a part of their story, but it isn’t inevitable. Some people put out warning signs in advance. If you are in recovery, it might be easier to see them. After all, you have probably been in their shoes and felt like drinking or drugging. Relapse can lead […]

Working On Your New Year’s Goals

Are you ready to write your goals for 2022? Unfortunately, many people write resolutions that they typically don’t keep. For example, many people want to lose weight, save money, change careers or go back to school. Writing these desires down can be helpful, but when it comes to keeping them, it can be difficult. If […]

Fentanyl: A Growing Problem in California

Increasingly, people in California are getting hooked on fentanyl, an opioid that is fifty to one hundred times as strong as Methadone. Some of them inject it while others smoke it. As a result, deaths from fentanyl overdoses have jumped by more than 2,100% in five years, according to the Guardian. Yet, there seems to […]

Combating Addiction Recovery Disinformation

Are you or somebody you love fooled by online addiction recovery disinformation? Many people who are addicted to substances struggle to get help, even when they know that they probably need it. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of truth as well as fiction out there on the internet. Disinformation also is passed on via word of […]

The Dangers of Kratom

You may have heard about Kratom, a plant native to Asian countries, which has increased in popularity among “wellness” circles in America. It’s not approved for use as a drug, but it’s has been marketed as a pain reliever, anxiety reducer, and even a way for people addicted to opioids to wean off their drug […]

MAT and Therapy Options

Medication-Assisted treatments like Suboxone are essential tools to fight opioid use disorder (OUD). Many people have achieved long-term sobriety with the assistance of MAT. The FDA even considers MAT to be a “gold standard” and first-line therapy for people with OUD. Many treatments can help a person alongside MAT. A recent law gave doctors the […]