Finding Gratitude for the Big Things

How has your gratitude been lately? Do you feel bored, unstimulated, or lonely from the months of lockdowns? COVID-19 has created a wealth of challenges in the last year. But things are beginning to re-open up slowly as the country get vaccinated. So how can you make the most and start living gratitude again each […]

Dual Diagnosis and Recovering From Addiction

Many people who are in recovery also live with other mental health issues. When addiction specialists discuss this topic, they use the term “dual diagnosis” to discuss it. Both substance use disorder and a mental health disorder need to be treated equally when it comes to recovery. It can be tough to heal from a […]

A Year of COVID-19: How Have You Grown?

It’s been a whole year since COVID-19 shut down entire countries and made the world much smaller for most of us. Yet some people, including people in recovery, have made profound changes in the way that they live. Are you somebody who has managed to grow and change through this ordeal? How have you managed […]

COVID, Recovery and Mental Health Disorders

Many people in recovery from addiction also have what is called a co-occurring disorder. Usually, this is a mental health disorder. Many people who have mental health disorders have struggled during the pandemic. Being alone can be challenging, and some people have lost access to services. It’s not uncommon for people who lost jobs to […]

Start 2021 With Compassion For Yourself

Do you struggle with showing yourself compassion? After all, you just survived a really rough year! The New Year has come and gone, but it’s left a lot of chaos in its wake. There has been civil unrest and violence for people in the United States not even a week into 2021. These issues have […]

Holidays, COVID-19, and Self-Care

COVID-19 has changed the way that many people are visiting with family. This year health experts recommend changes for celebrating the holidays. For people in recovery, the lack of stability and certainty during the coronavirus health crisis can be a challenge. Health officials will most likely recommend that you don’t go to gatherings with people […]

Responsibility and Accountability

In sobriety, you learn how to reclaim your life and become a responsible member of society. Responsibility means being accountable for your recovery. It also means that you’re accountable for your actions and reactions. Being responsible can be a challenge. When you were using substances, you probably neglected a few responsibilities in favor of getting […]

Being Honest With Yourself

During your time in addiction, you probably spent a lot of time lying. Sometimes you were lying to yourself. Sometimes you were probably lying to a loved one, doctor, friend, therapist, or even stranger. Lying helps you keep close to your addiction and far away from intervention. Denial is a powerful symptom of a substance […]

Five Ways to Cope With Anger

Anger is a normal emotion. We all deal with it differently. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms people use when they’re mad. Some people get loud and verbally abusive when they’re angry. Others deal with it more quietly and end up acting out of passive-aggression. Learning to cope with anger healthily can […]