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Working On Your New Year’s Goals

Working On Your New Year’s Goals

Are you ready to write your goals for 2022? Unfortunately, many people write resolutions that they typically don’t keep. For example, many people want to lose weight, save money, change careers or go back to school. Writing these desires down can be helpful, but when it comes to keeping them, it can be difficult.

If you want to change a behavior or accomplish something new, you can take baby steps. Then, in recovery, you can break your goals down to things you want to achieve. And the great part is you can ask for support every step of the way!

Writing Your Goals Down

Writing your goals down on paper can help you make the concrete plans you need to see them through. After all, you may want to win a bodybuilding contest, but first, you need to start bodybuilding! This means you will need to read books or watch videos to learn more about that life! Everything in life is a step at a time.

Try writing your goals down for 2022. Choose something simple! What are the steps you need to take to get that goal accomplished?

For example, you may want to start driving again. You may need to save money for a car, which means working extra hours at your job. You also need to get a DMV appointment, obtain your learner’s permit, and take a driving test. All of these have their own steps as well. Calling the DMV, filling out forms, and scheduling the test are all parts of accomplishing what you’re working towards.

Your Goals As Intentions

2022 is looking uncertain in many ways. COVID continues to alter our lives. You may worry about your ability to accomplish specific goals. But you can approach your goals differently if you choose.

You can also focus on your intentions, the why of your goals. Many people have goals that will help them stabilize their lives, such as new jobs or schooling. You may choose more personal goals, such as working on relationships and spending more time with your family.

Staying sober is something you can accomplish a day at a time. You can also approach your other goals this way, working on them as you can and set aside time to spend on them. Your goals are part of the way you put your path in recovery. You can change them if you want; they belong to you.

Working on goals is a gift that comes with recovery. If you falter, you know people in your support network want to see you succeed. Reach out to them. Use your tools to stay grounded and centered.

While the world may feel uncertain, 12-step programs are a great support system to help you stay grounded and work towards the life you want in recovery.


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