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The Dangers of Kratom

The Dangers of Kratom

You may have heard about Kratom, a plant native to Asian countries, which has increased in popularity among “wellness” circles in America. It’s not approved for use as a drug, but it’s has been marketed as a pain reliever, anxiety reducer, and even a way for people addicted to opioids to wean off their drug of choice.

Is Kratom safe for people in recovery from addiction? The answer is no…but read on to learn more about this drug and recognize the problems it can create.

What is Kratom?

While Kratom is not currently listed as a controlled substance, it’s known to be addictive. Most recently, the DEA banned the importation of Kratom because it’s not believed to hold any medical value. This is a step toward eventually outlawing the drug.

In South Asian countries, the substance was initially used as a substitute for opioids. Sadly, more recent research shows that Kratom use often becomes progressive and compulsive. Many users have described getting bone pain, chills, diarrhea, fever, and sweats when trying to swear it off. Some heavier users have even experienced hallucinations when they go into withdrawal.

Dangers of Overdose

Kratom, like opioids, can cause a slower respiration rate in its users. In addition, research shows that mixing it with other psychoactive substances can be highly dangerous or even fatal. For example, people who combine it with drugs such as cocaine can have seizures or heart issues.

Kratom is a drug, even if it isn’t yet classified as one. People who use it daily often have to increase their intake to get the same effects as before. This may mean taking too much of the drug and causing a heart attack or stopping breathing.

There is no safe way for users to ingest Kratom. Like opioids, people increase their intake and develop a tolerance. Users often describe being unable to stop using it due to the uncomfortable side effects.

Kratom and Opioid Use

Kratom is often taken by opioid users who are trying to decrease their addiction to the drug. While it may temporarily alleviate some withdrawal symptoms, users often report withdrawal symptoms when they try to cease using Kratom.

Detoxes have seen more Kratom users throughout the past few years and can treat them just like anyone else. Addiction is a treatable disease, but people can’t recover until they have stopped using all substances.


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