Why Do People Call Others Out in Recovery?

Everyone in life is a work in progress, especially those in recovery. Getting “called out” in recovery is part of learning to keep your ego in check and your recovery front-and-center. It may happen when your sponsor sees you lapse into old behavior or a friend sees you manipulating somebody you love. Everyone has faults […]

Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Do you get enough shuteye or do your feet drag when you wake up in the morning? Getting enough sleep in recovery is important. Sometimes it can be difficult to get to sleep. It takes your body a few years to fully recover from addiction. This can cause problems like anxiety or insomnia. Recovery can […]

Recovery is Easier With a Daily Routine

When you were using drugs and alcohol, what was your routine? Did you have one? For many people, a “routine” consisted of waking up, using their substance of choice, and maybe procuring more of it. Other than that, life was probably a bit chaotic. When addicted, it’s hard to stick to your plans. You wake […]

3 Common Yet Overlooked Triggers in Recovery

Everyone in recovery from addiction has triggers. You may have explored them in drug treatment or therapy. Triggers can be anything from an emotion, a situation, or an event that remind you of using or make you wish you could use. Sometimes a trigger will sneak up on you even if you’re not aware it […]

3 Big Issues That Can Hold You Back in Recovery

If you’ve finished a treatment program, you probably know that you can’t make it on your own. Getting and staying grounded in recovery is essential to your well-being. Maintaining your recovery usually means getting a 12-step sponsor, working steps, attending meetings and doing your best to be responsible in everyday life. However, many people struggle […]

Have a Recovery Plan During the Holidays

During the holidays, there is usually a lot of commotion and some stress, even for the most laid-back people. When you’re newly sober, however, some of the pressure can feel amplifies amplified. What could be a trigger for you? What’s the most stressful? Should you go to the work party? What about Aunt Edna’s? Making […]

Staying Sober When You Travel

Being in recovery changes many things, and can take some adjustment. After all, you’re working on yourself and sticking to your recovery program. But life is life, and there are obligations to tend. Even when you travel, (for holidays, business, or pleasure) recovery changes everything. Moving around the country or state through sober eyes may […]

Finding Recovery Support for College Students

If you go to school or have lived on a college campus, the partying culture can be hard to ignore. College campuses are often full of drinking and drug experimentation. It’s considered to be normal among college students who enjoy the night life. Binge drinking at college can be a real problem, and for many, […]