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Creative Visualization as a Tool in Recovery

Creative Visualization as a Tool in Recovery

Do you suffer from anxiety or fear of failure? It’s common for most people when they’re trying something new. Creative visualization can be a powerful tool to help you cope with your fears and work toward new goals.

A visualization is a tool that is used successfully by many people. Studies on weightlifters and other types of athletes have shown that people who visualize their goals gain more muscle than those who don’t. Comedians and other performers often imagine themselves on the stage even after they’ve had rehearsals. Visualizations focus on a positive outcome and involve more than just “seeing” yourself accomplish something.

Using Visualization in Your Daily Life

Creative visualization is something that you need to do regularly. It’s similar to doing affirmation, but it seems to imprint on the mind more. A visualization is usually a form of relaxation or meditation. It’s best done in a quiet room and starts with closing your eyes and breathing slowly? Think about the struggles you currently face in life. What behavior are you trying to overcome?

Here are some visualizations that you might benefit from:

  • Regulating your anger. Close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths as you count to ten seconds. After ten seconds, imagine yourself in a situation that makes you angry. Maybe somebody provoked you. When the argument starts, imagine your body filling with calm. The angry words of the other person bounce off of you, and you calmly tell the person to walk away.
  • Feeling less anxious. Close your eyes and imagine a situation that fills you with anxiety. Maybe it’s a trigger that you’re worried you won’t be able to handle one day — for example, running into an old friend that you used to use drugs with. Imagine what this person will say to you. How will you respond? Take several deep breaths, and think about the words you want to say. Say them calmly and firmly in your mind. Imagine the person’s reaction. Now respond something like, “It’s good to see you, take care,” and imagine walking away.
  • Pursuing your goals. Maybe you’re worried about going back to a school as an adult learner. Or perhaps you already have gone back to school, and you’re concerned about taking a test. Creating a visualization that imagines your success, step-by-step, will help you approach your dreams with confidence. (You will still have to put in the work and study, too!)

These are just a few ways you can create your visualizations. It’s essential to do these exercises on a daily basis. You can even do them multiple times a day to help yourself stay focused. Visualizations are a great way to start the day as a part of your morning routine. To learn more, try some videos on Youtube. You may find that you do better visualizing for yourself, maybe with some quiet music in the background. Making it like a ritual can help you enjoy it more.

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