COVID, Recovery and Mental Health Disorders

Many people in recovery from addiction also have what is called a co-occurring disorder. Usually, this is a mental health disorder. Many people who have mental health disorders have struggled during the pandemic. Being alone can be challenging, and some people have lost access to services. It’s not uncommon for people who lost jobs to […]

Having Anxiety? Five Ways to Manage It

Pretty much everyone has experienced anxiety from time-to-time. It’s one of those emotions that can creep up on you before you realize it. While there is no way to 100% curb your anxiety in life, there are some powerful strategies available. As you stay sober, you’ll start understanding that coping with it is half the […]

Creative Visualization as a Tool in Recovery

Do you suffer from anxiety or fear of failure? It’s common for most people when they’re trying something new. Creative visualization can be a powerful tool to help you cope with your fears and work toward new goals. A visualization is a tool that is used successfully by many people. Studies on weightlifters and other […]