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Try Breathing Exercises to De-Stress

Try Breathing Exercises to De-Stress

Breathing exercises are a popular way to de-stress. In recovery, you need all the coping skills you can get to stay sober. Learning special breathing exercises can help you with anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts.

What Breathing Exercises Should a Beginner Use?

Deep breathing is one of the most natural exercises to master right away. You can do it anywhere, at any time, and it’s not conspicuous. For example, if you get higher blood pressure when you go to the doctor’s office, you might want to try this technique in the waiting room before you’re called.

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you for a few seconds. Take a deep breathe in through your nose. Pay special attention to how the air spreads down toward your lungs, moving your belly. Hold your breath for about five seconds, counting backward silently ni your head. Now release, feeling the tension leave your body through your mouth.

Continue this breathing exercise until you have taken at least ten deep breaths, and keep your mind focused on your core as you breathe. This exercise is called deep breathing, also called belly breathing. Once you feel you’ve mastered it, there are more types of breathing exercises you might be interested in.

Learning More Advanced Breathing Techniques

There are other, more advanced breathing techniques to try if you enjoyed that exercise. Deep breathing is a way to center yourself and maintain control of your breathe. It can help calm anxiety and blood pressure.

Singers also have used deep breathing to help them sing from their lungs instead of their throats. Professional speakers who want to speak more deeply with less emphasis on the throat also use special exercises that focus on breathing.

Are you interested in learning more breathing exercises? Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have videos you can stream. Some people even teach classes.

Finding a Sober Home

Sober homes are great for meeting new people and finding out about what works for them. You’ll be able to live your life with a certain amount of structure as you begin your journey without the use of alcohol or drugs. Please search our directory to learn more about sober living options in California.