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Holidays, COVID-19, and Self-Care

Holidays, COVID-19,  and Self-Care

COVID-19 has changed the way that many people are visiting with family. This year health experts recommend changes for celebrating the holidays. For people in recovery, the lack of stability and certainty during the coronavirus health crisis can be a challenge. Health officials will most likely recommend that you don’t go to gatherings with people outside your household. You’ll have to find new ways to visit with others, but remember this is temporary. You won’t be alone every holiday, even if you must this year. At the same time, take care of yourself during the holidays and be gentle.

Make COVID-Safe Plans for the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Do you feel pressured by family or friends to do things you’re not comfortable doing? Your health and sobriety always come first. Meeting with others outside of your household could spread COVID. The disease can be very asymptomatic, and unfortunately, you cannot trust everyone to socially distance when they leave the house.

You can form a “pod” with 3-4 other people in recovery if you feel isolated. This pod can be for the holidays and beyond. The people in your pod can meet with each other but not other people. And if somebody breaks this rule, they must get tested and isolated. You and your pod can have your meetings or events together.

Celebrating with members of your household or “pod” is ideal this year. Next year may be different. Reach out to other friends and family via phone or video conference. Yes, it’s different from last year. But it’s because we want each other healthy and safe for years to come.

Just for today, do the right things to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Wear a mask if you leave the house and don’t go to social gatherings of more than ten people. If you accidentally find yourself in an unsafe or crowded environment, get tested in a week or so. Isolate for two weeks if you believe you have been alone. The holidays aren’t worth getting sick or exposing others to a dangerous illness.

Taking Time For Self-Care

Even if most of your holiday celebration is video conferences, dealing with holidays can always be stressful. Make sure that you give yourself time to recuperate. Even if you are meeting online, the holidays can be stressful.

Try self-care such as meditation at the beginning of the day to get yourself focused. Mindfulness can help you throughout the day when you need to regain that focus.

Every day is a new day. If you’re new to recovery, each day will bring you new joy and challenges. Staying sober is the most important thing you can do each day. Make sure to reward yourself with a few minutes of solitude, a piece of chocolate, or enough time to play your favorite video game each day.

Staying On Top of Recovery

The stress and challenges of COVID-19 will pass, too, but things won’t go back to the way they were before. We can’t anticipate every change, but you CAN stay sober and learn to cope day-to-day.

Having a strong recovery foundation is an essential part of accepting life on life’s terms. Make sure to ask your sponsor for help building this foundation if you feel like you’re faltering.

And of course, any recovery emergency can be taken to a meeting online. They’re convenient and available almost everywhere.


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