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A Year of COVID-19: How Have You Grown?

A Year of COVID-19: How Have You Grown?

It’s been a whole year since COVID-19 shut down entire countries and made the world much smaller for most of us. Yet some people, including people in recovery, have made profound changes in the way that they live. Are you somebody who has managed to grow and change through this ordeal? How have you managed to adapt and thrive?

COVID-19 Changed Us All

So it’s been a year since COVID-19 really hit home for most Americans. How have you dealt with it? There have been so many challenges that people have faced, it’s sometimes hard to see the way that you have changed or grown.

Here are some questions you may want to think about. If you journal, consider writing on a few of these questions whenever you have time. It’s amazing all the struggles we’ve all had, big or small, in the last year.

  • Have you gotten and stayed sober? This is your most important achievement. No matter what, staying sober can help you get through what comes next.
  • Have you learned to appreciate things more? Have you learned to live without certain things – like paper towels or your favorite breakfast item – because they became scarce?
  • How have you faced fears during COVID-19? What skills have you used to calm yourself down?
  • Who have you helped out in the past year? Were you generous and kind?
  • Who helped you out? Have you shown your gratitude to them? (If not, can you do it now?)
  • Have you been able to work your recovery program this year? What were the most challenging things about it?
  • Who have you connected with most during the past year? How has COVID-19 changed your interactions?
  • What friendships and relationships have helped you the most?
  • What things do you think you used to take for granted? What things are most precious to you right now?
  • What kind of plans do you want to make for the next year? What do you look forward to doing once you’re vaccinated?

Take a look at what things you’ve been through and what you’ve still managed to accomplish. The past year has been tough for everybody, but you made it through! COVID-19 has caused a lot of challenges.

As the year moves on, more people will be vaccinated and there will again be a “new normal”.  Public life will start to resume again, and we’ll all have things to look forward to. The COVID-19 vaccine is very promising for our future. You’ll be able to have new goals and go back to 12-step meetings in person. This year, remember that you’re celebrating life in recovery, and congratulate yourself for all you’ve managed to do against the odds.

SOARR: Network With Professionals

Do you need to connect with other addiction recovery professionals? The Society of Addiction Recovery Residences is an alliance of sober homes and addiction professionals who work together to set the industry’s highest standards. We have free networking meetings and training online for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

To learn more about our organization or find a sober home, please browse our website or call us at 619-828-2001.