Alcohol Use Disorder Among Veterans

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common disorders in the world. Veterans are no exception, mainly when drinking acts as a rite of passage in military life.  Military life often involves extended periods of drama, danger and grueling work hours, and long periods of boredom and solitude. Military during their off-hours than any other […]

Intergenerational Trauma And Recovery

Everyone in recovery has to learn to cope with parts of their life and lifestyle that they may have never spoken about before. A history of trauma is common among people in recovery. However, many people who have grown up in dysfunctional families also cope with the trauma of prior generations. Your mother and father, […]

COVID, Recovery and Mental Health Disorders

Many people in recovery from addiction also have what is called a co-occurring disorder. Usually, this is a mental health disorder. Many people who have mental health disorders have struggled during the pandemic. Being alone can be challenging, and some people have lost access to services. It’s not uncommon for people who lost jobs to […]