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Can You Work While You’re in Drug Treatment?

Can You Work While You’re in Drug Treatment?

Can you work while you’re getting treatment for addiction? Many people who want to get clean and sober struggle with the thought of treatment because they’re worried about their job. What will their boss think about your admission that you have a problem? Will you keep your job if you try to get help?

Treatment and the Workplace

For many people, having a full-time job and working can be too difficult. When you’re suffering from a substance use disorder, you need professionals to help you. If you’re addicted to a drug that causes significant withdrawal symptoms, inpatient detox, and then drug treatment will give you the best chances of maintaining long-term recovery.

Give yourself a chance to get centered in your recovery. It’s important that you’re able to address the effects of addiction on your mind, body, and spirit.

In many cases, you will be able to take leave if you’re seeking drug treatment. The Family Medical Leave Act allows full-time employees to take leave for a significant medical event. The leave is typically unpaid. You must be seeking treatment and meet other conditions for this Act to be applicable.

Alcohol and substance abuse are typically covered. Some employers also offer programs to help people with mental health and addiction issues get the help they need.

If you aren’t able to do an inpatient program, there are outpatient programs and therapy solutions that may also fit your needs once you’ve detoxed.

If you have employer health insurance, you should have the option to continue it even while you’re not working. This insurance will usually cover your addiction treatment stay.

Do You Fear Discrimination at Work?

A substance use disorder is usually covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as long as you’re not actively using drugs and alcohol. Your employer can’t fire you for deciding to get help, but if your work is suffering, you may fear that your boss will take the opportunity to fire you.

As a member of a protected class, getting help is essential. Otherwise, your employer can fire you because your job performance is suffering. Inpatient treatment can help you focus on yourself, and since you’re taking time off from work using FMLA, your job will be protected while your body and mind are restored to health.

Recovery from addiction was once taboo in the workplace, but more people now than ever understand that addiction is a disease.

Sober Housing and Work

Many people are able to move into sober housing once they have a good handle on recovery. In sober homes, you live your life in a similar way as you would at home. You’re also in the company of others who want to stay sober, and alongside them you’ll learn to live in “the real world” without the use of drugs and alcohol. This can be an ideal environment for you to return to the work world. To get help finding a sober residence, call us at 619-828-2001.