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Recovery is Easier With a Daily Routine

Recovery is Easier With a Daily Routine

When you were using drugs and alcohol, what was your routine? Did you have one? For many people, a “routine” consisted of waking up, using their substance of choice, and maybe procuring more of it. Other than that, life was probably a bit chaotic.

When addicted, it’s hard to stick to your plans. You wake up planning something productive but end up right back in the cycle of using again. It’s not like people don’t try to stay motivated in other areas of life, but addiction consumes a lot of time, emotions, and resources.

Now that you’re in recovery, having plans for the day is a “must.” So how do you start planning your days again with so much more time on your hands?

Here are some tips for creating a routine in recovery:

  1. Buy a calendar and use it. A daily planner can help you look at the whole week or break your schedule and routine down to hourly events.
  2. Make sure that your daily schedule in 12-step meetings as well as any therapy or aftercare.
  3. Take time for your health. Whether you have been neglecting mental health needs or physical health, it’s time to treat your body better. It’s time to start scheduling some long-overdue appointments. Having a doctor or dental appointment scheduled into every week will help you create a schedule.
  4. Try to get up at the same time every day. You may not be able to do this if you have a job with irregular hours or you work late routinely. If you get up at the same time every day, eventually your body’s clock will wake up at that time naturally.
  5. Make hygiene a ritual. When you were getting high, you may have let some of your hygiene practices fall to the wayside. You can start taking better care of yourself immediately. Create a morning routine that includes bathing, shaving, brushing your teeth, and try to do it in the same order every day. Soon you’ll be doing it automatically.
  6. Work a little on some of your “big goals” every day. Whether you’re taking a class or getting fit, a little effort every day helps you keep moving towards your goals.
  7. Schedule in some self-care. Do something that nourishes you and helps you feel refreshed. Whether that’s watching a few cat videos or meditating every morning, it’s essential to do something that enables you to treat yourself kindly every day.

A routine is a great way to give yourself purpose and meaning every day. Don’t be afraid to add to it! Looking at your weekly schedule can also help you plan new goals and give you something to look forward to.

Consider Sober Living

When you’re adjusting to a sober lifestyle, consider living in sober housing where you’ll have a support network already in place. Living among others with similar goals can be a lot of fun! This can be an ideal environment for newcomers to start their lives in the “real world.” To get help finding a sober residence, call us at 619-828-2001.