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Finding Recovery Support for College Students

Finding Recovery Support for College Students

If you go to school or have lived on a college campus, the partying culture can be hard to ignore. College campuses are often full of drinking and drug experimentation. It’s considered to be normal among college students who enjoy the night life. Binge drinking at college can be a real problem, and for many, becomes a lifelong habit that slowly destroys their health and happiness. For some people, drinking gets out of control and affects health, sleep, and even academic performance.

Many people who are college-aged manage to get help and find recovery. Sometimes this means spending time away from school in a treatment center. Sometimes it means returning to college years later.

Whatever the case may be, people who are in recovery often end up attending college. Because of this, many schools offer resources on-campus for people who need support in their recovery. This is also an excellent way to make new friends in recovery who have the same interests as you.

On-Campus Recovery Support

Support on-campus seems to depend on your location and the size of the school. More and more often, colleges are offering on-campus support groups for college students. Sometimes the school will have a club that sponsors events. There may be 12-step meetings held on-site.

Other colleges have found a way to translate the need for recovery resources into a huge benefit. There are schools that offer recovery housing in addition to resources like outings, events, and 12-step activities.

Off-Campus Support and Alternatives

If you go to a smaller school, there may not be resources on-campus. You may want to meet with a school counselor and let him or her know about the need for these types of things.

Until then, you will want to find more information about 12-step meetings that are held after school hours. On the weekends, use your time to explore new meetings that are far from campus. Get numbers and make new friends.

If you find that you are having trouble adjusting to life at school because of the lack of recovery resources, find a good therapist in the area who can help you transition and plot a path of recovery using the resources you can find. A therapist probably knows about resources you don’t, such as sober housing.

Sober Housing

Are you looking for a better option for housing as a college student or other person in recovery? Sober housing may be meet your needs and help you stay on-track. Please contact us or browse our directory to learn more about what is available for you.