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Staying Sober When You Travel

Staying Sober When You Travel

Being in recovery changes many things, and can take some adjustment. After all, you’re working on yourself and sticking to your recovery program. But life is life, and there are obligations to tend. Even when you travel, (for holidays, business, or pleasure) recovery changes everything. Moving around the country or state through sober eyes may seem like a different task than it used to, especially if you often traveled while you were in active addiction.

Here are five tips to help keep you happy, healthy, and sober, no matter where you are traveling.

  1. Communicate with your fellow travelers or hosts. Let people you’re traveling with (or visiting) know the importance of recovery and sobriety and let them know how they can support you. When you explain them, let them know that you won’t be drinking alcohol and communicate your other triggers. Set your boundaries clearly and let them know if you need to take a break, you’ll be going to a 12-step meeting every night.
  2. Practice self-care. Eat healthy food, exercise, and get enough sleep. Holidays and travel are supposed to be pleasant. Take the time you need to assess your energy and mood. Meditation and mindfulness can help you level out.
  3. Plan fun, sober activities ahead of time. Go to museums, movies, or shopping during the day. Scheduling the day will help you focus more on the present and enjoy yourself. (If there is a part of your travel group that wants to go to the bar, plan to go to a local 12-step meeting and meet up with them later.)
  4. Stay connected with others. Make a plan for texting your sponsor or sober friends, using Facebook to connect with you’re allies or attend an online support group. You can travel AND make your sobriety a priority.
  5. Remember your recovery toolbox. Keep a gratitude journal, listen to meditations on your phone or speakers from 12-step programs. There are plenty of podcasts, apps, and other tools you can keep at your fingertips.

Expect that there will be frustrations when you travel, whether it’s during the busy holiday season or another time of year. Having tools at your disposal to keep your cool and help you focus on yourself will be life-changing.

Instead of focusing on the bad, remember all of your tools to focus on the good.

Sober Living/Housing

Do you need to live in a place where you can focus on your needs as you get stable in recovery? Sober living is an option many choose as they being their path.

Learn more about your options and living situations that are available by calling 619-828-2001. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our sober living facilities.