Be Aware of These Silent Depression Symptoms

Many people in recovery feel down and blue from time-to-time. Emotions are a part of life in recovery. Learning to cope with feelings can be difficult and sometimes disorienting. In the first year of recovery, recognizing emotions and learning to cope with them in a positive manner is important. But sometimes, it’s hard to know […]

How to Add Self-Care to Your Recovery

Life can be stressful for everyone, especially in recovery. Even if you’ve learned how to cope with your emotions, it’s easy to get worn out by them if you’re stressed every day. Self-care is a valuable tool to use if you’re having a bad day or week. Many people think of self-care as taking a […]

Set Weekly Goals, Not Resolutions, This Year

Many people find setting New Year’s resolutions to be daunting. After all, setting a list of rigid changes that you must make – or fail – can be upsetting in recovery. Instead of creating “resolutions” this year, making a simple list of goals can help you enter 2020 with a clear list of things you […]

Creative Visualization as a Tool in Recovery

Do you suffer from anxiety or fear of failure? It’s common for most people when they’re trying something new. Creative visualization can be a powerful tool to help you cope with your fears and work toward new goals. A visualization is a tool that is used successfully by many people. Studies on weightlifters and other […]

Try Breathing Exercises to De-Stress

Breathing exercises are a popular way to de-stress. In recovery, you need all the coping skills you can get to stay sober. Learning special breathing exercises can help you with anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts. What Breathing Exercises Should a Beginner Use? Deep breathing is one of the most natural exercises to master right away. […]

Sleep: An Overlooked Part of Healthy Recovery

Addiction is a tiring disease. When you first get clean and sober, you’ll probably find that your energy levels vary. Once you’re comfortable with your newfound sobriety, you will probably start working towards new goals. You may find yourself busier than ever before – after all, there’s a lot of lost time to make up. […]

Why Do People Call Others Out in Recovery?

Everyone in life is a work in progress, especially those in recovery. Getting “called out” in recovery is part of learning to keep your ego in check and your recovery front-and-center. It may happen when your sponsor sees you lapse into old behavior or a friend sees you manipulating somebody you love. Everyone has faults […]

Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Do you get enough shuteye or do your feet drag when you wake up in the morning? Getting enough sleep in recovery is important. Sometimes it can be difficult to get to sleep. It takes your body a few years to fully recover from addiction. This can cause problems like anxiety or insomnia. Recovery can […]

Recovery is Easier With a Daily Routine

When you were using drugs and alcohol, what was your routine? Did you have one? For many people, a “routine” consisted of waking up, using their substance of choice, and maybe procuring more of it. Other than that, life was probably a bit chaotic. When addicted, it’s hard to stick to your plans. You wake […]